When it comes to updating the layout or design of your office, opening a new location, or even starting a new business, the issue of purchasing office cubicles will inevitably pop up. Businesses oftentimes find themselves looking at various conditions (e.g. new cubicles vs used cubicles), a variety of sizes and styles, and numerous layouts that can be achieved in their office space. Choosing the ideal cubicles will set the tone of your office for years to come, so it’s important to have a great understanding of your business and its employees.Your office design and layout should strike a balance between efficient use of the building’s space and giving employees the room they need to be productive. Before starting your office cubicle search, ask yourself these questions:

Does your business value tradition or creativity?

The answer to this question can help you narrow down cubicle layout preferences, as well as the colors and materials of the cubicles.

Is collaboration or privacy more important?

Cubicles are meant to divide an office into many personal spaces and come in a variety of heights that can limit or promote privacy. However, creativity tends to stem from collaboration, and more creative businesses might be better off utilizing benching systems as the foundation of their open office plan with modular cubicles built in as supplemental pieces.

How much space do your employees need?

Some employees might need little more than their computer and phone, while others might require multiple filing cabinets at their workstation. Understanding the needs of your employees makes it much easier to decide on cubicle size. There’s no need for an employee to have a ton of extra space that goes to waste, just as there’s no need for someone to have to squeeze into their cubicle.