Technology is rapidly evolving, and employers are realizing that the traditional workspace needs a little facelift to keep up with the times. Having pre-assigned work desks, chairs, offices, and cubicles are no longer required to foster collaboration, efficiency and employee satisfaction. That’s where collaborative workspace furniture comes in.Many companies have already adopted a less rigid work environment where employees are allowed to work away from their desks, and whenever necessary, even from home. Read on to learn about ways you can modify your office design to boost overall performance and embrace technological advancements with more flexible and collaborative workspace furniture.

Top Collaborative Workspace Furniture Options

Acoustic pods

More and more offices are moving away from cubicles and embracing the open office plan. CEOs are giving up their private offices, managers are among their employees – everyone works in the same space, together. But having an open office means there is more noise than usual, and more distractions.A great workaround to deal with office noise is the acoustic pod. It provides privacy, doesn’t take up much space, and is made of high-level insulation to eliminate outside noise. The acoustic pod is built within an existing room and can be easily accessed for quick meetings or for uninterrupted focus sessions. Whether that specific room needs a tiny acoustic pod for 2-4 people or a bigger one that accommodates 10 or more people, these pods are easy to set up and are customizable to your company’s needs.

Lounge areas

Lounge areas are great for when an employee is looking for a few hours in an informal work environment. Sitting on a comfortable sofa with a laptop for an hour or two might allow your employees to be more productive due to the change of scenery.If you choose to incorporate a lounge area in your office, you need to make sure there are plenty of outlets available since your employees will be carrying their laptops with them. You should also consider having a few tables on wheels that can be moved around and used as needed.

Collaborative work desks

Working together is a huge contributor to a company’s success, which is why collaborative workspace furniture is an absolute must in any office. Large work desks are generally plain without the features necessary to make working together a breeze.If you’re upgrading your office furniture, you should invest in collaborative workspace furniture such as large worktables equipped with power outlets, task lighting, adjustable height, and data sockets. There are even some worktables that are split in two to allow for different heights to accommodate employees with varying sizes.

Upholstered booths

Different employees have different styles of working: some might thrive in an open work environment, some in private pods, and some in café-style booths. If you give your employees different workstation options, they can alternate and choose ones that work best for them.Upholstered booths don’t only have to be for individual use, however. They’re good for team projects and even for casual meetings. Just like any other workstation, they require electrical outlets, USB ports and large or small work surfaces.

Freestanding media unit

A freestanding media unit can be placed pretty much anywhere in your office. It’s ideal for small-sized meetings and presentations, and it allows everyone involved to easily hear and see what is being presented.This type of unit is generally equipped with an outlet and data port and is made to accommodate small or medium sized screens. If you want to give your employees a space to meet quickly and have short presentations, the vertical freestanding media unit is the way to go.